Month: February 2016

Bird’s eye View

Photo credit: Red Tail Hawk by Pierre LeClerc Photography  I love hawks. There is something about them that is so inspiring and magestic. There is one that lives in the gulch where I walk every day. At least he hangs out there a lot. Or should I say ABOVE the gulch, since I usually see …

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Your money or your life

photo credit: dj-The Killer Those are words none of us ever wants to hear.  And the choice is obvious! We’d give them our wallet, our watch, our car, hell – we’d give them our CLOTHES too if they wanted them!! No question, right? Our loved ones, our friends, just being alive to see the next …

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Popcorn and a Movie

You know when your partner has that pensive look on his/her face – that far away look – not vacant, exactly – but not present either. Have you ever asked, “What are you thinking about?” What response did you get? I’ll bet I can guess – “Nothing.”Now let me ask you how often you are …

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