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My name is Lisa, and I have almost always lived “outside the status quo”.

I wouldn’t say that I consciously challengedthe status quo…I simply didn’t fit in.

Goodness knows, I tried to fit in. I wanted to fit in! I was a cheerleader in high school. I was first runner up and Miss Congeniality in the local Junior Miss Pageant. I was in a sorority at university. I decided to study nursing (not medicine, even though I had the grades!) because it would allow me to have children and be a mother. I was following all the “rules” of the status quo…

Thankfully, at some point, I woke up! Well, at least enough to realize that all of that wasn’t me. I changed my major to Spanish because I loved languages. Then I changed it to German because I wanted to learn another language. I did a year of study abroad in Germany and then I graduated…oh boy…now what?!

Waitressing, of course! Then, “by chance”, I waited on a group of Germans who were a flight crew from Lufthansa. “Why don’t you apply? You speak perfect German!” Why not indeed?!

Two years later, after living in Germany, and flying literally all over the globe, I returned home to California, leaving my German ex-fiancé behind…oh boy… now what?!

Waitressing, of course!  Definitely not status quo for a university graduate! Definitely not what my father expected.  And to add to his confusion, I discovered I was in love with a woman! Most definitely not status quo!

Fast forward 34 years and here I am, living the “dream life” in Italy, on a small olive farm, with my partner of 34 years.

What happened in the interim? In a nutshell, I followed my heart, my intuition, my interests and my dreams and did whatever it took to take them from dream to reality:

  • Volunteered to help build a Montessori school and learned basic carpentry with the dream of building my own house
  • Bought, remodeled and sold a fixer-upper with those skills and made a big profit (without a realtor), despite everyone saying it couldn’t be done!
  • Moved to Hawaii with my partner and 3 cats, without a job and found one immediately as a carpenter, to hone my basic skills
  • Worked 10 years as a journeymen carpenter and contractor in Hawaii (built our 2 houses with my own hands)
  • Moved to Italy with my partner and our last kitty with only 3 boxes of stuff (having sold the houses I built at a profit without a realtor!)
  • Studied at the Accademia Italiana (yes, I had to learn Italian), graduated first in my class and got my Certificate in Interior and Industrial Design
  • Moved to Brazil with my partner and our kitty, with only 6 boxes, to care for her Alzheimic mother until she died 6 years later. (yes, I had to learn Portuguese!)
  • Worked 15 years as an international hiking and biking guide, leading trips in Brazil, Patagonia, Morocco, Italy, Portugal, the Czech Republic, and Austria.
  • Moved back to Italy with my partner and our Hawaiian kitty plus a new Brazilian kitty, bought and remodeled a beautiful 300 year old farmhouse and we are still here today (yes, we make our own olive oil and live the “Dolce Vita!”)
  • Was the interior designer for the complete remodel of a massive Italian villa and chapel (and learned I didn’t really want to be an Interior Designer!)

Then, my theme question resurfaced! Oh boy…now what?! 

I want to do more than make a living. I want to make a difference! 

This time it took more than 3 years of self-reflection (not to mention more than a little self-doubt!) meditation, personal growth studies, myriad courses in self-discovery/Higher calling/Life Purpose before finally deciding to become a Life Coach.

Only then did I finally give myself permission to simply be myself (and not what everyone else wanted me to be.)

I realized that I have achieved what many only dream of:

I have lived life by my rules (not my parents or anyone else’s),
I have followed my heart,
I have done what makes me happy.  

Now, I can say –  I consciously challenge the status quo! 

If you are looking for permission to be yourself,
You’ve come to the right place!   



You can do more than make a living
You can make a ​difference! 

Ready to go from bored to bodacious? 

What my clients say:

Exemplifying the Joy Of Being, Lisa, shows her clients what living your own dream can be like. Gently but firmly she helped me look challenges in life in the eye and move them out of my way. Through tough questions, Lisa is not afraid to ask, I became aware of my own possibilities. My awareness around my strengths and the way I can leverage them in both my life and my business has grown immensely through Lisa’s coaching. It makes for a huge difference!”   

​Gerdi Verwoert http://daregreatlycoaching.com/

​”Lisa is a caring and supportive coach, the best partner to have when going through life challenges. Her unique ability to listen and reflect allows your true self to come out and shine. Lisa knows how to be highly professional and cheerful at the same time. Her positiveness is contagious. Thank you Lisa for all your support!” 

​Rossella Pin (CPC.PCC) Italian Program Director at International Coach Academy www.coachcampus.com

And as for you: a great listener, I instantly got the feeling you understood and knew my mindset (better than me!). You asked fascinating questions which unravelled my thoughts and, you helped me come to my own conclusion and realize I had the answer all along. I will definitely be recommending you as a Coach! Thank you for helping me find the answers I already had.
That’s where the empowerment comes from…and the Magic!”

Sonia Ter Hovanessian

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