One of my clients recently started her session by announcing, “I am in crisis mode.” She followed this up with, “Nothing works” and continued to talk about what she called her “sordid story” and finally announced “I am afraid of the unknown.” Whew! She had a lot going on in her head that day.
Once she had had the chance to simply vent for a bit, I invited her to notice her choice of words:

  • I am in “crisis mode” 
  • Nothing works
  • My “sordid” story
  • I am afraid of the unknown

Then I asked her how she felt when she said those words. Literally, physically, how she felt.
Answer: “not good.”
So I asked her how she would like to feel.
Answer: “good – I want to feel good.”
Then I asked her what “good” meant to her.
Answer: “When I feel good, I feel like I can make things happen. I feel powerful, positive and energetic.”
So I asked her how she could rephrase what she had just said, so she could feel “powerful, positive and energetic.” After a good bit of thought and reflection, this is what she came up with:

  • I am working on changing my life
  • I am a resourceful, competent woman
  • I am writing my own story
  • I relish change and welcome new adventures

Then I asked her how she felt when she said those words.
Answer: “Good! I feel powerful – like I have a choice!”
We always have the choice of what we say to ourselves (and others). 
I truly believe that, as the Buddha said,  “The Mind is the source of all Happiness and Unhappiness.”
So, for the next week, I invite you to simply be aware of how you are feeling. Then notice the thoughts behind how you are feeling.
If you are feeling good, what are the thoughts that caused you to feel good? And if you are not feeling good, what thoughts caused those feelings to arise? Don’t judge yourself. Simply take note of your thoughts.
Awareness is the first step to creating the life you truly desire. 
And you can always choose the thoughts that make you feel good and empower you!

Want to work on that together? then Let’s talk! 

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