Having a bad day?

So, I’ve been having a bad week…you know? It just happens sometimes! I’ve been practicing all my coaching skills, trying to make it better. But NADA…NOTHING!

And then I finally realized…I was just trying to avoid this feeling. I just didn’t want to feel like this! I was doing everything in my power not to feel like this…and then I finally just admitted to myself, “Ok! I feel like shit!” and I just went ahead and let myself feel it. And guess what? It wasn’t so bad.  

The thing is, just because I’m a coach, doesn’t mean I’m always on top of my game! It’s like the carpenter whose house needs fixing. I have to coach myself sometimes!

So what did I do? I just let myself feel blah! And then I did my favorite thing…I went outside. I hung out with my kitties (who bring me joy!) and just felt grateful – for where I live, for my house, my partner, my view – you get the idea!

So where am I going with this? Sometimes, when we’re in a slump and want to get out of it, there are two things we can do:

  • Just go ahead and allow yourself to feel those feelings. It doesn’t feel great, but hey, in the end, it’s just a feeling! And it passes!
  • DO SOMETHING! Neuroscience has proven that when we do something that moves us closer to our goals or dreams, it dumps dopamine into our system, which makes us feel good! It doesn’t have to be a big thing, but you have to do something! (like me writing this blog, despite my feelings, because I promised myself I would do it, for my readers!)

And you know what? I already feel better! My “doing something” was originally going outside and recording a video about this, even though I thought, “I’m not my normal high energetic self and what am I going to share?” And I realized I was simply going to share exactly what I’m sharing! and now I am writing about it.

I’m human! We’re all human! We all go though this periodically! And it’s OK! We can get ourselves out of it by feeling it, and then going ahead and doing the next thing on the list. Don’t just sit there groveling (well, let yourself grovel a little, but not for too long!)

And then…do something!

If you’d like to hear my video on this, just click here

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