​Have you ever had this experience?:
One day you have a “bad day” and the next, a “good day.” But when you analyze it more closely, nothing’s changed:

  • Same job
  • Same assehole boss
  • Same house
  • Same car
  • Same friends
  • Same partner

So why this good day/bad day syndrome? What’s changed?

  • Externally – nothing.
  • Internally – your focus, your attention

There has been an internal shift. Unconsciously, you are focusing your attention on the good stuff, instead of the bad stuff.

Now we simply have to cultivate this habit. Make it conscious!

I say simply but simple isn’t always easy! So how can we make this easier?

Do you like to play games? Great! Then let’s play a game here, instead of making ourselves wrong for feeling lousy.

The first thing you have to do, is buy a magic wand.

What?! You heard me right. Go to the toy store and I guarantee you, you’ll find a magic wand. Or better yet, you can make yourself a magic wand. You remember what they look like. I know you do! (Mine has a star on the top, with lots of gold glitter!”


Now, carry that wand with you at all times (or have one at work and one at home!) and every time you catch yourself thinking a negative thought,

STOP – grab your wand – and say outloud, “Abracadabra – away with you, negative thought!” Then I want you to cancel that negative thought by saying outloud, “Cancel! Cancel!”

Don’t forget to wave your wand as you do this!  
If you feel a little silly doing this, it might even make you laugh…and I dare you to feel negative and laugh at the same time!

Why outloud? And why wave the wand? Because we pay more attention when we verbalize something and when we feel it in our bodies. We integrate it better. We are calling that negative little voice out!  We are making it conscious.
 Now what? Once you are aware of that negative thought you just had, immediately focus on something good! It doesn’t have to be anything related to the present moment – just something that makes you feel good:

  • Like puppies or kittens playing
  • Like your favorite armchair and the feeling you get when you sit in it with your favorite book
  • Like the view of the sunset from your front window

Don’t forget to wave the wand as you remember what makes you feel good! You can even tap your heals together and say, “there’s no place like home” if you want to…gotcha! I saw you smiling just then!

Your turn! What makes you feel good? What makes you smile?

What makes your Heart sing?

Warning! When you do this, you may find that suddenly, like magic, everything is OK!

Want more magic tricks?  Let’s talk!

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