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Can’t say no?

Are you “just a girl who can’t say no?” ​Ok, so I’m probably giving away my age by admitting that I remember this song from the musical “Oklahoma!” But, I’m at that age where I don’t really care anymore if you know my age! That being said, I am still a woman – and like …

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​Have you ever had this experience?:One day you have a “bad day” and the next, a “good day.” But when you analyze it more closely, nothing’s changed: Same job Same assehole boss Same house Same car Same friends Same partner So why this good day/bad day syndrome? What’s changed? Externally – nothing. Internally – your …


Build yourself a raft

I believe that our life moves through cycles, just like nature does. After all, we ARE part of nature. We go through ebbs and flows, just like the ocean. Through seasons, just like the weather. We have ups and downs. Last week I was in a definite DOWN. I am in the middle of the …

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Miracles do happen!

Years ago (19 years to be precise), when we lived in Hawaii, I had my first mid-life crisis. I decided I could no longer be a carpenter (I was 42, had had shoulder surgery, and realized that I couldn’t go on building houses forever.) Question: What now? Answer: Go back to school to study Interior …

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The Universe is like a giant GPS

What the heck? Stay with me here…I know it sounds crazy but here’s the story: Years ago, when I decided I wanted to buy old houses, fix them up and sell them, tons of people said,“It’s too late. The real estate market has crashed. You can’t make any money doing that anymore.” These people are …

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