Ready When You Are!


​What is a Discovery call, anyway?

It is a space for us to begin getting to know each other. We’ll look at where you are right now, and see where you want to go and how I can help. If we are going to be a team, then we need to trust each other and work well together. This is our first step.

We will meet for about an hour, just as we will once we form our alliance.  I’ll send you some questions beforehand, to start the discovery process.

The main thing for you to know is that coaching is based on listening. I will listen to you. Really listen – to what you are saying and to what you are not saying. I will ask questions based on what I hear, to help you see things more clearly and perhaps from a different perspective.

​You will walk away from our discussion with an understanding of how the coaching process can help you to stop daydreaming and start DAREdreaming! 

Sound good? Then just click on the link below and book yourself an hour!

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