Make 2017 howl! 


Do you remember when you were twenty-something? When life was great and you were “just livin’ it?” You had fun, no matter what was going on. What happened? When did you stop having fun? When did you lose that carefree feeling?

But let’s get back to the question at hand. What DOES make your heart sing? Think about it for a minute or two – I mean, really give it some thought.

I’ll start. I remember when I lived in Hawaii, there was a local tradition. If you were on the leeward (western) side of the island at sunset, no matter what you were doing, you stopped…and watched the sun disappear into the ocean. If you were really lucky, you saw the “green flash” as the sun went under the water-line. You felt really special if you caught that magic moment. There was even a special radio show, called “Hawaiian Sunset” with great music. If you were driving, you stopped the car at the side of the road to watch the sunset. You “talked story” (chatted) with whomever else had stopped on the side of the road. It was a moment of real “communion” between complete strangers – a common appreciation of a simple moment in life.

still stop to watch the sunset every day, whether I am alone or not. And it always makes my heart sing!

So, your turn, what makes your heart sing? Don’t stop at one thing. Go for it! I am sure there is more than one thing that brings you simple joy. The smell of freshly cut grass? Puppies playing? Your kids falling all over each other to give you a hug when you get home from work? Go on, write it all down, I “dare you!”

Now that you have your list, take a good look at it. Do you see anything in common? I’ll give you a hint…how much does your heartsong cost? Chances are pretty good that it costs very little or nothing. And here’s another hint…how “easy” is it to do? Again, chances are pretty good that it is simply a matter of stopping for a minute and appreciating that very moment.

So now that you know what makes your heart sing, my question for you is this:

This next year, how often will you stop –  and let your heart sing?

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