That’s what came to me during my meditation this morning. So much for empty mind! But I find that sometimes during meditation, even when I do have thoughts, I don’t attach to them like I would otherwise. I simply notice them, make a sort of “mental note” during my meditation and return to that thought later.

So, here I am: what does that mean to me? “Something’s gotta give” – something MUST change. That’s what I get. But what?

Let’s look. What’s missing for me to be happy? First thought: financial security. I am growing a business right now, so I don’t have much income. That’s pretty scary at times. But the alternative is even scarier. What is the alternative? Financial security but no creativity – doing  something I don’t necessarily love, but that pays the bills. So what is more important to me? Creativity, obviously! That’s what I have chosen my entire life – creativity over financial security.

I see now that I have created a conflicting belief around this: I can EITHER have financial security OR I can have creativity. I can’t have both. And you know what?

I have been enormously successful at fulfilling this belief of mine!

Any time I have pursued my creative side, I have not made much money, even though I really enjoyed what I was doing for a time. Eventually though, the financial stress took the fun away, and I would pursue something else that would give me financial security. And guess what happened? Again, I was “happy” for a bit, with a steady income, but eventually I would again succumb to my longtime friend: BOREDOM! I missed my creative side!

So I am back at that point again – indulging my creative side – and allowing my financial side to atrophy.

But this time I have decided “Something’s gotta give! “

This time, I CHOOSE to believe I can be creative, help people, have fun, AND have financial security.

So, What’s gotta give? My belief that creativity and abundance don’t mix!

Your turn?!  – What’s “gotta give” for YOU to be truly happy?

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