“Every time I finish a session with Lisa I have a smile on my face and feel great.  When you first go into a session you are not quite sure what is going to come out of it but a lot does come out of it.  A lot comes out of it because of Lisa’s great listening skill but mainly because she can reframe what you just said in a way that really makes you think and have enlightening moments.  It is hearing my own words  that has helped me see things in a new light for myself and has helped me move forward in my life; just live it!  Thank you Lisa.” – Christine Serrano

“Exemplifying the Joy Of Being, Lisa, shows her clients what living your own dream can be like.Gently but firmly she helped me look challenges in life in the eye and move them out of my way. Through tough questions, Lisa is not afraid to ask, I became aware of my own possibilities. My awareness around my strengths and the way I can leverage them in both my life and my business has grown immensely through Lisa’s coaching. It makes for a huge difference!” – Gerdi Verwoert -http://daregreatlycoaching.com/

 “I found the experience very rewarding.  My primary issue was Leadership and the ways in which I can become an effective leader.  Due to your powerful questioning and your reframing of the statements I made I become aware of the fact that I am already a very effective leader and have already been impacting people’s lives in a positive way and you were instrumental in bringing me to that realization and I thank you.  You also demonstrated a genuine concern for my continuous development which was very touching.
Your tone of voice was always very positive and engaging which made me feel very comfortable from the very first session. You also demonstrate excellent listening skills.  I think that those are three characteristics of  an excellent coach and I think that the ICA should employ you as one of their facilitators.” –  Cheryl Carter
“Lisa is a caring and supportive coach, the best partner to have when going through life challenges. Her unique ability to listen and reflect allows your true self to come out and shine. Lisa knows how to be highly professional and cheerful at the same time. Her positiveness is contagious. Thank you Lisa for all your support!”  Rossella Pin (CPC.PCC) Italian Program Director at International Coach Academy www.coachcampus.com

“I met Lisa during a challenging period of my life: I was changing jobs, friends, habits. Lisa helped me assess my strengths, create a vision and move step by step toward my goal. The most incredible thing about our coaching relationship? I completely transformed my identity, but it all happened in a very natural and spontaneous way. If you want to start moving toward your desired life, start your journey with Lisa by your side. It’ll be a hell of a run!” – Fabio Selmi

“I’ve had the unique opportunity to both observe Lisa’s coaching of others and be coached by her myself. I chose her as my coach because of her committed coaching presence, continuous growth as a professional coach, and her level of detail and follow-through in the coaching process. She “holds space” for her clients and keeps them focused on their goals and commitments. The resources she brings to her clients are timely and appropriate. Lisa represents all the ideal traits of a professional coach.” – Tiffany Parrish, M.S., C.P.C.

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