The Universe is like a giant GPS

What the heck? Stay with me here…I know it sounds crazy but here’s the story:

Years ago, when I decided I wanted to buy old houses, fix them up and sell them, tons of people said,
“It’s too late. The real estate market has crashed. You can’t make any money doing that anymore.”

These people are part of the famous group called “Nay-sayers.” It doesn’t matter WHAT you decide to do, there will ALWAYS be “Nay-sayers.” They always find all the reasons why it can’t be done, why it’s not a good idea. They have evidence to back this up too. And they really believe that evidence…that’s the key here. THEY BELIEVE THAT EVIDENCE. And in the end they are right! THEY can’t make that happen!

I, on the other hand, am a “YAY-sayer!” I believe that if I state my goal clearly (that’s like programming the GPS) and am committed to that goal, the UNIVERSE will find a way to get me there.

Now back to my story. I decided I wanted to fix up old houses and sell them without a realtor to save the commission.

First step: find an old house to fix up. How to do that? Look in the newspaper…nothing. Look online…nothing. Ask around…nothing.

Next step: ask the Universe for help. I know it sounds crazy and I still feel a little silly when I say things like, “God, Goddess, All that is, please find me a great house to fix up at a great price, without a realtor.” But I admit it…I did it. Nothing. Oh well, it was worth a try.

Not much later, I was on a walk in my little town and heard a dog crying, really crying, like it was in pain. I love animals, so of course I followed its cries until I found it. It was a beautiful husky, tied up in its yard and had somehow managed to wrap its paw up in the rope so tightly that it clearly hurt a LOT and it couldn’t get free on its own. So I approached it carefully, in case it was scared and aggressive. But instead it looked at me pleadingly and I immediately went to work to free its paw. I got lots of kisses and felt wonderful that I had helped this gorgeous creature!

I decided to go by the next day to see how the dog was doing. This time the owner was at home, so I rang the bell and explained what had happened the day before. He was very grateful. I couldn’t help but look over his shoulder into the entryway…man, this would be a perfect fixer-upper! And right at that moment he explained that he wasn’t home much because he was in the process of moving and that’s why the dog was tied up. Bingo! Was the house his? No, but his landlord was super nice and anxious to sell. This just kept getting better!

Next step: meet with the landlord and make a deal with owner financing (no realtor AND no bank involved!) This was even better than I had hoped for!

Next step: fix up the house (this is the really FUN part for me!)

Next step: find a buyer and sell the house without a realtor. How? NO IDEA! But I was really clear that I didn’t want a realtor involved, so I went ahead with the renovations.

I still remember the day I was in the kitchen, finishing up the counters, when I heard a voice say “Hello? Anybody home?” I came into the hall to find a well-dressed woman looking around curiously. She asked for a tour and then she said, “It’s like you chose the colors for me! Are you doing the work? Is the house for sale? How much do you want?” Well, I hadn’t even thought about a price yet, but, off the top of my head I said, “$185,000.”

“Done!” she said. And it really was! We closed within the week, once again, without a realtor and she got a bank loan with no problem!

So, the next time you find yourself “Nay-saying” – or believing – “it can’t be done” I invite you reprogram your thinking to: “It CAN be done” and then program the GPS with “I want YOU FILL IN THE BLANK and then give the Universe a chance to get you to your destination.

It will often not be the route you were expecting, but you programmed the GPS – and it will get you there –  or somewhere even better!

PS – Another key ingredient here is:
You have to DO something! – don’t just sit there wishing.
You have to DRIVE the car or the GPS doesn’t work!

Ready to program YOUR GPS? 

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