​Often, people ask me what coaching is.
Rather than answer that question myself, I’d like to quote a client, who spent just ONE hour with me:
“I’ve been in therapy for a while, and it’s become an essential part of how I go through life. With therapy you learn that you can’t get that much out of a one-hour session; its benefit reveals itself after many sessions, often after years. So, what could just one hour of Coaching provide?
Well, let me tell you, I was so surprised at how much I got out of it. I felt that my view on the situation we dealt with was thrown out of the window, and like a boomerang, came back and hit me in the face with a new point of view. It was a very pleasant breath of fresh air! I felt so enlightened and, the key word we found: empowered! I can now see that even for someone in therapy, Coaching could definitely be complimentary.
And as for you: a great listener, I instantly got the feeling you understood and knew my mindset (better than me!). You asked fascinating questions which unravelled my thoughts and, you helped me come to my own conclusion and realize I had the answer all along. I will definitely be recommending you as a Coach! Thank you for helping me empower myself.”
I am constantly amazed at the process of coaching! Every session is completely different. Most people have never really been listened to in such a deep way, and in such a safe space. Nor have they had their own thoughts reflected back to them, so they can really hear themselves. The questions I ask are never the same – they come from listening and being completely present with the person in front of me.
And as for the topics of the sessions: it is as varied as the personalities of the people I spend time with! But if there is one common denominator, it is this:
People who want to be coached, want to make their lives extraordinary!
They no longer accept “that’s just the way it is.” I won’t say they are fearless (nobody is), but they are willing to confront their fears, to step out of their comfort zone and discover for themselves, what makes them truly happy, make a plan, follow through and DO it!
My clients are my heroes! So now my question for you today is:
To be, or not to be? (coached!)

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