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Remember when you were a kid and got bored (as usual) and went to bug your mom with “I’m bored. There’s nothing to do!” My mom always used to say the same thing. “Go play make believe.”

It worked every time!

At least for me…I got to be Batman. My poor brother always had to be Robin!  The point is, in my 6 year old mind, I really WAS Batman! I had a Batmobile with all those cool gadgets on it and I was saving Gotham city from all the bad guys!

I still play make believe.

WHAT?! – Just stay with me here for a minute here.

When you’re a grown-up (that part is always questionable too) you call it “creative visualization” (I call it “creative inspiration!) But really – it’s playing make believe! And it’s fun. It makes you feel good.
And that’s the point. When we feel good, we’re happy. Here’s an interesting fact, our bodies function better when we are happy. We are healthier. Mentally too – we have a better attitude in general, when we practice creative visualization.

Why is that? Because when we play make believe, anything is possible. We have super powers. All our dreams come true!

Here’s another interesting fact: your body does not know the difference between make believe and reality. That’s right. You understood correctly. That’s why stress is so common. When you lose your keys in the morning and you’re going to be late for work and run all over the house looking for them, your body thinks you are running away from a lion – it goes into “flight or fight” mode. Your heart rate goes up, you get a hit of adrenalin so you can run faster and you might even start to sweat. Not healthy.

So the next time you lose your keys, just stop for a second, and calmly remind yourself that this is not a real emergency. Then WALK around the house and find your keys.

Now let’s get back to playing make believe. What about our minds? On some level, they know the difference between make believe and reality, but when we play make believe, we give our minds permission to let the creative side go wild for a certain amount of time. We shut down the analytical, “nay-saying” side of the brain, for that certain amount of time.

After all, it’s just make believe!

Or is it?

Our bodies don’t know the difference between reality and make believe.

Why should the Universe?

And why is it called “make believe?” anyway?  I’ll give you a hint:
It’s to “make (you) believe” that anything is possible!
 So, I leave you with this question: Do you wanna play make believe? 

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