photo by Julie Herrmannsdoerfer

How could this thought NOT be on my mind, after hosting a retreat by that name this last weekend?

My heart is still singing because of the amazing women who gathered together from all corners of the planet: New York, California, Beirut, Austria, and from all over Italy. They came together to remember what makes their hearts sing, to support each other, to look deeply within, to acknowledge their fears, to move forward despite them, to laugh, to cry, to play, to grow, but mostly to connect. To connect with each other on a deep level, to be vulnerable and feel safe in doing so. To love and be loved.

I am using this forum to say thank you. Thank you to Merci Miglino, for co-hosting the retreat with me. For her wisdom and humor.

And to all my friends who supported me before, during and after the retreat.

And to all the Wild Women who participated in the retreat.

I could not have done it without all of you!

I am humbled and honored and my heart is simply singing (at high volume, opera style!)

Thank you. Grazie. Danke schoen. Merci. 

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