Wild Thing! What makes your Heart sing?

​Yesterday I was drawn outside by the beguiling colors of my favorite time of day – sunset. There is something so calming about that time of day. Sort of a completion. It gives me permission to stop working and just be. And to reflect.

I was thinking about the fact that 2020 marks the beginning not only of a new year, but a new decade. I know a lot of us have big plans…myself included. And that triggered another thought, which was not big plans, but instead, simple things. Or what I call my “Heart song.”

A little history here. When I hosted my first retreat a few years ago, I kicked it off with an exercise called “Wild Thing, what makes your heart sing?” We just started naming things that made us feel good. And I shared one of my favorite things, which I shared with you above. I love sunsets! It became a tradition for me when I lived in Hawaii. If you found yourself on the leeward (western) side of the island at sunset, no matter what you were doing, you stopped…and watched the sun disappear into the ocean. If you were really lucky, you saw the “green flash” as the sun went under the water-line. You felt really special if you caught that magic moment. There was even a special radio show, called “Hawaiian Sunset” with great music. And even if you didn’t catch the green flash, it didn’t matter because you would “talk story” (chat) with whomever else had stopped on the side of the road. It was a moment of real “communion” between complete strangers – a common appreciation of a beautiful moment in life.

That’s what I wanted to invite all of you to do, as we head into 2020 – a new year – a new decade – full of possibilities. I wanted to remind you to remember the little things that bring you pleasure.

What makes your heart sing? That’s my question for you today.

I would love nothing more than for you to share here, in the comments! Give us all some new ideas about great stuff to do!

I also invite you to think about the Heart song I just shared. Did you notice that it doesn’t cost anything? (except a little bit of time.) I notice we often place value on things that cost something, when there are so many things that are so simple to do. And they are free. So, my question is, why don’t we do more of them?

I think it’s simply because we forget.

So that’s my reminder for you today. To make note of – and do – more of the simple things, that make your Heart sing!

Be sure to share them in the comments please!

And if you’d like to see me live, talking about this at sunset yesterday, here you go:

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